Korean Nano Eyeliner Enhancement

Looks NATURAL even WITHOUT make up.
Eyes look more AWAKE and REFRESH.
Eyes look BIGGER.

Nano Eyeliner Enhancement Pricing


  • Price is for 2 sessions

Eyeliner Process

What to expect when you enter Bio Beauty

BioBeauty Eyeliner Process 1

Step 1 (10Mins)

They will explain to you where and how the Eyeliner Treatment would be done.

BioBeauty Eyeliner Process 2

Step 2 (15Mins)

They will put some crystal gel onto your eyebrows, you would need to wait for 15 minutes, so that the treatment would not hurt.

BioBeauty Eyeliner Process 3

Step 3 (15Mins)

Irene Teo would start her Eyeliner Treatment and next thing you know, you will have bigger eyes.

BioBeauty Eyeliner Process 4

Step 4 (10Mins)

Let the colour sit into your skin, and it would be complete.

Before & After Gallery

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Bio Beauty Aromatic Spa

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Bio Beauty Aromatic Spa
73 Toa Payoh Central Lorong 4 #01-597 Singapore 310073
6258 9418 / 6259 8967

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